The space between...

Where the light comes in... where you find a breath... and remember who you are.

In all of Sam's art, there is a journey, a circular, healing path. Her intuitive process and tactile focus create powerful narratives; portraits of identity. 

Her nature-filled childhood in the foothills in Northern California stays with her in her current life as a mother in Los Angeles, like a map back to her soul. Her work navigates a landscape of time and space, roots and growth, creating a distinct experience. The lines and curves repeat and change, as light reflects on that evolution and discoveries are made. 

Her hand-sewn technique stems from meaningful moments spent with her Grandmother, in that space where we let go of time and our connection and presence transforms us, and creates who we are. Sam's special detailed work in synch with playful themes and careful use of repurposed materials, hand-dyed linen and silk string, vintage boxes, and reclaimed fabrics, create new life and encourage us to have an open, fresh perspective. See something NEW, focus and meditate on the spaces unseen.